EIE Photo Plotter

Thank you for considering us for your PCB needs. Because Circuits West is committed to helping you meet your objectives, we want this part of the process to be as easy as possible. In anticipation of potential needs, we’ve compiled these links to facilitate order placing.

How to E-Mail Your Files to Circuits West, Inc.

  1. Prepare your file according to our file submission guidelines.
  2. Make sure that your files are either compressed with either PKZip or UNIX tar.
  3. Attach your files to the email through your email program and send the email to us.
  4. E-Mail Now to pop up a pre-addressed email to sales@circuitswest.com

File Submission Guidelines

Archive all of your files together for faster transfer and convenience. If you are using a PC, please use PKZip, WinZip, or another program which can create PKZip compatible files. If you are on UNIX, you can send us tar archives compressed or uncompressed.

  1. Please use descriptive names for your files. If possible, use DOS 8.3 filenames. If you’d like to use long file names, try to avoid using spaces in the file name. For example, “mycompany_0820.zip” is a better name than “pc board for cci.zip”.
  2. Include a readme file in your Archive. In it, please list your name, company name, phone number, fax number, brief descriptions of the files included, and any other information that we may need to better serve you.
  3. If you have any questions or problems, please contact either your salesperson or our Engineering department toll free at 877-650-5321 or 303-772-9261 within the Denver Metro area.