Quote Here Quickly

By: Jack Jeffries
Posted: September 26th, 2017

Our quoting system is quick and easy. Simply click HERE and you will be redirected to create a user name or just login if you already have one and you’re ready to go. The quote will be immediate and clearly shown. If you have difficulty simply give us a call at 303-772-9261. Thanks for using […]

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FAXING US? – We’re having some fax issues, try: 303-572-0762

By: admin
Posted: July 19th, 2017

We’re making some changes to our telecom systems and providers to improve service quality and this has resulted in a temporary interruption in our ability to receive fax at our normal 772-0490 number. Please use 303-532-0762 to send to us until the main fax line has been restored. Thanks a lot and sorry for the […]

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New Pricing – Check Us Out !

By: Jack Jeffries
Posted: January 16th, 2015

WE HAVE ADDED MORE NEW EQUIPMENT -HIGH SPEED DRILLING- -HORIZONTAL SKIP SCORING EQUIPMENT- -LEAD FREE HASL EQUIPMENT- -AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DIRECT IMAGING TO REPLACE FILM IMAGE TRANSFER PROCESSES- This all results in higher throughput with improved quality which leads to improved pricing on new parts! send inquires to SALES@CIRCUITSWEST.COM, you will be pleased. Thanks, From […]

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Happy Holidays from Circuits West

By: Angela Levens, Circuits West -Inside Sales
Posted: November 30th, 2014

Happy Holidays Everyone! If you missed our Thanksgiving Emailing, have a look at it here: Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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Site Migration Complete, Thanks for your patience!

By: Andy Lewien, Circuits West -Process Engineer
Posted: November 6th, 2014

Our site migration is complete, thanks for your patience. Online Quoting and Ordering are back!

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