New Micronic 82 Drill Machine is in Production at CWI!

Posted: May 17th, 2012
    Micronic 82

    Micronic 82 at CWI

    Micronic 82

    Micronic 82 at CWI

      Circuits West Inc is proud to announce completion of installation, testing, and training on our new Micronic 82 (aka, MACH-2) 2-Station Drill Machine!

      This exciting new capital acquisition adds even more quality, throughput, and reliability to our existing process systems while also providing for new in-house capabilities.

      -Improved hole to hole positional accuracy of +/-0.0008″.

      -200,000 RPM spindles allow optimal cutting parameters for small diameter drill tools. Currently tested on site to a 0.006″ diameter, manufacturer rated to 0.003″. The use of optimal speeds for small holes is a significant contributor to accuracy and tool life. Circuits West previous small hole capabilities were limited to a 0.010″ drill size and the tool breakage rate while not excessive did produce occasional yield issues.

      -Linear Motors on the X,Y,and Z axis enable high acceleration rates, high positioning speed, and firm work-holding without performance degradation over time due to wear as is inherent in conventional lead screw systems.

      -Laser tool metrology stations are utilized on every tool change to automatically provide dynamic non-contact measurements for validation of critical tool parameters such as length, diameter, and run out. The stations ensure the correct tool diameter is used every time and provide the machine with data to allow repeatable drill stroke depth. More importantly the stations detect potential process variations due to spindle and collet wear or debris.

      -Contact depth controlled drilling capability (CDD) and broken tool detection.  Simply put the machine detects the height at which the drill bit contacts the work surface in real time allowing per hole depth control, easily repeatable to +/-0.001″. Similarly a falure to detect the surface identifies the drill bit as broken and allows the work to be salvaged without damage in most cases. (Note that no tool breakage has occurred thus far, likely due to the rigidity of this machine.)

      -Quick Insert Change (QIC) system changes the pressure foot insert based on the drill tool size. The pressure foot insert is a static machine part that holds the panel down in an annular pattern around the location of the hole to be drilled. QIC effectively adjusts the annular offset between two settings, this ensures better hold down and therefore accuracy of via holes.

        Micronic 82

        Micronic 82 Station View

          Visit the manufacture for further information at

          By: Andy Lewien, Circuits West -Process Engineer

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